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Do you need expert services from a professional roof contractor in Cedar Park, TX? When you’re looking for a reputable roof contractor, there are many factors to consider. Here are a few to keep in mind:

• How many years of experience does the contractor have?
• How long have they been in business?
• Are they licensed and insured?
• Do they have a local record?
• What is their reputation?
• Do they testimonials to share from past customers?
• How knowledgeable are they?
• Do they take time to educate you and make you feel comfortable?
• How would they deal with any problems during or after the project?
• Do they offer a labor/workmanship warranty or guarantee?
• What roof warranty options are being offered?

As a licensed & insured company, Roof Max stands out from the competition in a variety of ways: 20+ years’ roofing expertise, highly-experienced roof installers & technicians, quality roof options at fair pricing, and more. We pledge a hassle-free service experience and a quality roof for your home. To obtain a local, customized roof survey and quote, call us today at (512) 563-4050.

Professional Roof Contractor

If your property is in the Cedar Park, Texas area, Roof Max can help. Our services and company expertise translate into many customer benefits:

roof contractor cedar park

• 20+ years of roofing background
• Extensive construction knowledge
• Strong, local reputation
• Established service record since 1992
• A+ rating as Accredited BBB member
• Versed in all applicable laws & requirements
• Many satisfied, local customers
• 10-year labor warranty
• Superior roofing craftsmen & technicians
• Quality service & installation expertise

At Roof Max, we aim to give you less for more. Lifetime shingles are available at the price of 30-year shingles, and 30-year shingle roofing is priced at the cost of 20-year shingles. You can count on getting “More Roof for Your Money.”

Cedar Park Roof Contractor

Your home is important. A high-caliber roof is necessary for keeping your loved ones, pets, and belongings from harm. But such a roofing system doesn’t just come together. Rather, it is the result of quality materials being installed by attentive, precise craftsmen. Our roof installers have deep roots of experience in roof installation and re-roofing fieldwork.

From the start of your project to its completion, Roof Max is committed to top-grade customer service. As part of this mission, we offer no-obligation, professional roofing quotes. When you request a customized project quote, one of our technicians will come out, identify all areas of damage on your home’s roof, and can answer your questions. We’ll provide documentation of what we find, and from the beginning to end we are focused on your needs & satisfaction.

It would be our pleasure to serve you! Call us today at (512) 563-4050 to request a roof quote appointment at a convenient time for you.